Cable & Cotton

I really love Christmas time – the fairy lights are out, it’s cold outside and you can be inside curled up by the fire. Just something about that that makes me happy. So I get very sad in January when it’s time to take the fairy lights down and pack up the tree.

I follow a lot of baby and fashion bloggers on Instagram and I kept seeing these amazing cotton lights in everyone’s pictures. When I looked in to them and found the company was Cable and Cotton ( luckily because people tagged them in pictures)



They have such a great and easy to use website where you can choose then length you want and mix your own colours, there’s 49 to choose from!  You can also shop the colour sets they already have made up to give you some inspiration.

You can even test them out once you have made your cotton cable with the lights on or off to give such a true likeness to the lights.


They come packaged in a box with the balls and cable separate so they will not be damaged in transport and then you put them together yourself. Which they are very easy to put together.


I have mine in our bedroom at the moment which makes it so nice and cosy but I’m defiantly going to get a grey and white set for Riley’s room.

Go and check them out!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


The Lovely Candle Company

Yay it’s the weekend 🙌🏼
Sorry I haven’t done a post in a few weeks!

I wanted to share with you this amazing new candles from The Lovely Candle Company. 

They created their ten favourite scented candles and defusers all individually handmade from home in Kent, which The owner Lisa hopes will help to calm, relax, revitalise and uplift your moods. 

The candles are so unique and fresh and really do make the whole house amazing. 

She even offers free samples! Go check her website out and ise my discount code rocket15 for 15%off till 14/02/17. 

A perfect valentines gift 🎁 

Christening Present Ideas 

We went to a lovely christening today and managed to get some great personalised gifts from My 1st Years and Lost my Name. 

They offer a lovely gift box and bag which is perfect for gifts. 🎁 

This is a lovely personalised photo album for all the pictures of the big day. Something for the parents to keep. 

This isn’t necessarily a christening present but because I know baby Alexa has just started swimming and thought it would be a perfect and practical present. 

I think it’s really important to have some keep sakes for your little one so I wanted to include a personalised name book. This is also a practical present because this is something she can enjoy when she’s old enough to read it. 

Wanted to just include some pictures from the big day. 

I didn’t mean to get Riley the same colour shirt as his dad but I thought they may as well match. 

Happy Christening Day baby Alexa x 👼🏻

1st hair cut

So Riley takes after me with the thick curly hair and after Christmas we thought we should probably get it cut in case people thought he was a girl. 

In Tunbridge Wells there is the perfect place! Wipper Snippers! 

It’s such a great experience for the little ones. They cut hair from babies to teens. 

They also offer “My First Cut” which include a certificate, a photo and a lock of hair in a keepsake box. 

First blog post

So as this cold weather is still with us I thought we needed to get Riley some more winter accessories for all our dog walks and his trips out with the childminder.

I popped in to Joules and just couldn’t resist the Chum Character hat and gloves in the sale.