Personalised Gifts

Riley’s birthday falls on the 22nd December which unfortunately for him just so close to Christmas, so I thought I would spread his Christmas presents out over the year as he is still too young to know.

I decided to treat Riley and get him a white hooded fleece robe from as it comes beautifully personalised with the choice of 7 colours of text that will be embroidered.

I went with Cambria font in mink.

Riley is 14 months old but I ordered it in size 2-3yrs because I thought the weather is going to hopefully be getting warmer soon but it will be a perfect for the end of the year when lighting the fires and getting the fairy lights back out. Can you tell I am organised?


All of their orders arrive beautifully packaged in the My 1st Years luxury gift box, which is so lovely for the keepsake presents and especially great if you were buying a gift.


He is really suffering at the moment with teething, so when he unwrapped it yesterday he seemed so happy to stay in comfy clothes snuggle up.


Im trying to wean him off using his dummy and were down to just using it for naps and bed time. However because he was a little grumpy and emotional yesterday I gave in just while I was getting ready as it gave me some time to quickly get dressed. A one off but he just looked so sad bless him.

Hoping to get him back to his smiley self soon.

Hope everyone’s having a good week x