Travelling with a baby


0-6 Months

When Riley was 9 weeks old Carl book a holiday to Dubai to celebrate my 30th Birthday, this was something I had been thinking about all throughout my pregnancy and we just decided to go for it. We had no idea what it would be like to travel with this tiny human that we had only had for such a short time but thought how bad could it be? I mean all they do is eat, sleep and poop so what difference would it made if we were at home or abroad.

Everyone we spoke to with or without kids had a real mix of opinions on how this would go. The flight alone was 7 hours, plus the 3 hours that you have to be at the airport before you flight and not to mention the amount of stuff you have to take for a baby is ridiculous! All that being said we had the best time and he was an absolute dream.


When you fly with a  baby they don’t get a luggage allowance which you would think why would they, he is so tiny how much space would his clothes possibly take up. Well when you take in to account that we were there for 6 nights so that’s at least 12 outfits (this is a lot but it’s so hot in the day and then we had to make sure he had warm enough clothes for when we were inside as they pump the air con out), at least 15 vests, sleeping bag, nappies, bottles, toys and enough milk for the million feeds a day.

So I got organised and pre ordered his milk, nappies and any other liquids that i wanted that would be over 100ml to be collected in Boots at duty free, we could have got the nappies there but I just thought its one less thing we have to worry about when we arrived. This worked out great, I got a mixture of our Aptamil milk in powder and pre-made so we wouldn’t have to worry about boiling the water and then cooling it down if we were out of the hotel or by the pool. The hotel was perfect for us because they provided a cot, bottle steriliser and fridge which meant we had everything we needed.

Like every airline you are able to check in two items though which can be a pushchair, car seat or travel cot. He was so good on the flight, slept the whole way there and most of the way back and even when he was awake he was quite happy to just sit on our laps.


6-12 Months

This age range we took him to Spain at 6 months to my parents and everything was much the same as our first flight apart from we knew what we were doing a bit more so didn’t take as many bottles, clothes because we were staying at my parents so could wash bits if we needed and we only needed a few bottles because the flight was much shorter.


When he was 9 months old we went to Portugal for a week, this holiday was a challenge! As first time parents we didn’t really know what to expect but I think this was probably the wrong time to go away. He was crawling and walking around if he was holding the furniture so we had to really watch what was on the floor in out room. He was also not as laid back as he was at 9 weeks old and was not that keen on wanting to lay in the shade and play that we had anticipated, he was wanting to explore which was tough to do round a pool.

He was also at the stage of weening so I again ordered his milk and nappies from Boots but this time I also took baby porridge and a few organic snacks, because we were staying at a hotel we were able to get fresh fruit and yogurt for him too.

12-18 Months

Just before his first birthday we decided to go away for the weekend to the Christmas markets in Berlin. I always cook his food fresh but on the occasion that this isn’t possible I just make sure I find something as fresh as possible for him to eat. I knew that a weekend away would be fine because he was at the stage of pretty much eating what we were having so the only things I pre ordered from boots were nappies, teething essentials, snacks, baby porridge and milk.
The luggage was challenging because we only took hand luggage and because it was so cold out there it was a little tricky to pack all our thick jumpers in to two small cases but we did it and again worked out great.
We stayed in a hotel/apartments which were perfect, even though we ate out we had the option of using the oven, cooker if we needed too. Plus we had a microwave which was so handy for sterilizing the Mam bottles.


These little people do need a lot of stuff when you take them anywhere but its slowly getting less and less. I even had a clear out of his baby bag and i thought I can probably get away with putting his essentials in my bag.


Hope this helps anyone that is thinking of travelling with a little one.


Leila x


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