Mauka Doctor

Happy Saturday everyone!

Having a nice chilled one this weekend and thought I’d update my blog as I haven’t written anything in a while.

My skin is so all over the place still after having Riley but these products really do help. I got these lovely Manuka Doctor products for my birthday so I’ve been using them for about a month now and I’ve really fallen in love.

I started actually putting Manuka Honey in hot water and lemon as a way of soothing mouth ulcers or sore throat so I really do love the product already but when I saw Kourtney Kardashion was a brand rep for Manuka Doctor I knew it had to be a great brand. She is all about being natural and when it comes to my skin so am I.

I have the Purifying Facial Peel which makes my skin instantly made my skin feel so much nicer and instantly glow. It only takes 10-15 to dry too so is great to quickly pop on while Riley is down for a nap.

They also had a great marketing campaign where you could upload a selfie of your self-using the mask and peeling it off. #mdfacialpeelchallenge.

I also received an platinum introductory kit, this has a great selection of products to try if you’re thinking about changing skin care brands. In the kit you get ApiNourish Rejuvenating Face Mask (25ml), ApiClear Skin Treatment Serum (15ml) and Rub Ease Balm (25ml)

I really love all of these products but especially the skin treatment serum, any signs of a blemish and this seems to reduce it over night! Must be that Purified Bee Venom!

Highly recommend all these products and will defiantly be adding them to my daily routine.

They have a great website with lots of information about all their products so go check them out.


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