Mauka Doctor

Happy Saturday everyone!

Having a nice chilled one this weekend and thought I’d update my blog as I haven’t written anything in a while.

My skin is so all over the place still after having Riley but these products really do help. I got these lovely Manuka Doctor products for my birthday so I’ve been using them for about a month now and I’ve really fallen in love.

I started actually putting Manuka Honey in hot water and lemon as a way of soothing mouth ulcers or sore throat so I really do love the product already but when I saw Kourtney Kardashion was a brand rep for Manuka Doctor I knew it had to be a great brand. She is all about being natural and when it comes to my skin so am I.

I have the Purifying Facial Peel which makes my skin instantly made my skin feel so much nicer and instantly glow. It only takes 10-15 to dry too so is great to quickly pop on while Riley is down for a nap.

They also had a great marketing campaign where you could upload a selfie of your self-using the mask and peeling it off. #mdfacialpeelchallenge.

I also received an platinum introductory kit, this has a great selection of products to try if you’re thinking about changing skin care brands. In the kit you get ApiNourish Rejuvenating Face Mask (25ml), ApiClear Skin Treatment Serum (15ml) and Rub Ease Balm (25ml)

I really love all of these products but especially the skin treatment serum, any signs of a blemish and this seems to reduce it over night! Must be that Purified Bee Venom!

Highly recommend all these products and will defiantly be adding them to my daily routine.

They have a great website with lots of information about all their products so go check them out.


20 Facts About Me


  1. Im from kent.
  1. I have lived in Prauge, Bahrain and Kuwait before I was the age of 10 because of my Dad’s job.
  1. Im married to Carl Eldred, we have been together 7 years this year and been married 3 of them.
  1. Im a qualified graphic designer and I work part time for a promotional company in their design and marketing department.
  1. I wanted the name Riley for a boy of a girl .

6. I am an only child as is my mum so I defiantly would like Riley to have a sibling .

  1. Riley Isn’t our only baby, we have Harlow the Rottweiler. We got her a year before we had Riley and she likes to remind us that shes number one child.
  1. Before I met Carl I went and traveled Australia for a year. Me and Carl then went back there and also traveled Thailand on the same trip after only going out after a month. – when you know you know!
  1. My favorite drink is sparkling water with fresh lemon… and red wine
  1. I have 5 small tattoos
  1. I love going on as many holidays as possible, we are making sure Riley catches our travel bug . He has already been to Dubai, Spain, Berlin and Portugal in his first year so he’s not doing too badly.


  1. I drive a VW  Touareg, I used to have an Audi A3 which I loved but it was a three door and I needed a big enough car to fit the dog and a pushchair in the boot.

13.  I love going to the gym and I have kept it up throughout my pregnancy and I still try              to go 3 times a week.

  1. I really enjoy getting in to a box set, staying in with candles lit and a nice home cooked meal.
  1. We try to go on the occasional date night because I think its important you make time for each other.
  1. My parents moved to Spain a few years ago. I really miss them not being just round the corner but it gives us an excuse to go visit them and were so lucky to have the technology that we do these days. We skype, facetime and share pictures through watsapp so they are always kept up to date with anything new that Riley does.
  1. After getting engaged in Las Vegas when we were on holiday, I knew I wanted to have a small wedding and get married out there. ( don’t worry it wasn’t by Elvis) It was in the grounds of one of the hotels, in front of a waterfall and it was absolutely amazing! We had a party back in the Uk after to celebrate with friends and family that couldn’t make it.


  1. I planned when I wanted to have Riley a couple years before I had him as I was told I have polycystic ovaries and I thought it was going to be almost impossible as my symptoms were quite bad. It in fact only took me 5 months to conceive him. I made sure I was healthy and I was looking after my body and about a year before I started trying and I also started fertility acupuncture which I swear by!
  1. I used to work for a high end fashion label in Australia and London, I used to style Celebrities and arrange for them to come and visit the store which I loved. I don’t miss the long hours, having 5 hours sleep and the 2 hour commute there though.
  1. I think family is very important and always try and make time for mine and Carls family to be together and I hope Riley will be the same.

Riley’s 1st Birthday

1-336I wanted his first day to be really special because when Riley was born we both were quite sick in hospital and ended up having to spend 7 nights in hospital, which happened to fall over Christmas Day. So I wanted him to have a really good celebration, which I know he will be too young to remember but we took lots of photos and it was more for us to enjoy celebrating with him.

When it came to inviting people the list was quite big due to friends of mine that had children, his friends and family so I decided to take advantage of my husband not finishing our new greenhouse/shed and make a Christmas grotto. His birthday falls on the 22nd December so I decided to go with the Christmas theme.


I really enjoy party planning and wanted to make it all really unique for him. The shed/grotto was already quite rustic looking because it had one brick wall and the others I decorated with pom poms that I made my self which took me hours, I did these when Riley was put to bed as between him and the dog they liked the unravel the balls of string. I bought paper snowflakes from the £ land, used an old rug I luckily had lying around for the floor and put an old wood burner we had laying around in and made a fireplace around it using bricks. We had an old fake Christmas tree and lights so I put that up and wrapped cardboard boxes for presents and bought some fairy lights to dress the brick wall.


We weren’t lucky enough to have real snow on the day so my husband bought a snow machine from eBay to add to the effect, you may think this is very extravagant but it was only £40 and I thought it would make it all look extra magical for the older ones.

In doors I wanted to keep it quite simple so I just did buffet style party food, marshmello and chocolate sticks, popcorn snowmen cups, sparkly squash ( I put editable glitter in orange squash), melted snowmen (water) a birthday cake and mulled wine for the adults.


We had a real mixture of ages of children that came so I decided not to do party bags and I did mini gingerbread men and reindeer food with name tags for them.


… Did I mention that Father Christmas even stopped by, I happen to have a friend who’s Dad actually plays Father Christmas for Children’s parties.

Unfortunately it turns out that Riley doesn’t like Santa 😦