They Grow Up So Fast

I know your always told “they grow up so fast” by people with older children but I can’t actually believe how fast he is  actually growing!

Ive just packed away all his 6-9 and 9-12 month clothes are being stretched out because Im not ready to give them up.


I really want to go mad and buy him lots of new clothes as im loving all the camo colours that are out at the moment but im trying to hold back as I know the weather is surely going to start getting warmer soon and all the summer clothes will be out.

Riley has really got in to the swing of walking now too. He still has his first pair of stroller shoes from Clarks because I think it’s important that he is in the correct footwear while he is still learning to walk. I did also just treat him to his first real pair of trainers from office, some camo Vans. He loves them too and keeps going over to them and trying to put them on when were in the house which is very sweet. They must feel so different to his other shoes though because he does this funny walk in them, as if he’s wearing bricks for shoes. Guess he just needs to get used to wearing shoes.


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