14 Months Postpartum

I was lucky to have a great pregnancy with Riley but I do think the exercise helped give me that extra energy boost. During the early weeks of pregnancy me and a friend who was also pregnant decided to join a pregnancy pilates class to help us work on our core and pelvic floor and also keep our legs, bums and arms toned. The classes were so great, Sandrine who is the founder of the pilates studio was the perfect teacher having 5 children herself, so it was great to get advice from her and to be reassured that our bodies were changing and not to worry as we would get them back.


I was quite active during my pregnancy, very rarely was too tired to exercise and when I was I took it easy and just went swimming or I saw an acupuncturist and she helped me through it. Before I was pregnant I was exercising a lot to get my perfect wedding body and after the wedding and kept it up so I was as healthy as I could be for when I fell pregnant. I was doing cordio Pilates, power plate classes, spinning and body attack and my local fitness centre.

So when I found out I was pregnant I was keen to find out if I could keep this all up. My midwife assured me that I was fine to carry it all on ( apart from the power plates) as I exercised before, I just couldn’t do sit ups because they would damage my stomach muscles and let’s face it, what’s the point?


I also kept up with my Body pump and spinning, although I suffered with such bad stitch from even walking a few steps so I had to give the spinning up at about 24 weeks.

Riley decided that he was far too comfortable to make an appearance on his due date which was the 16th December 2015, so I went in to panic mode as I really wanted him hear before Christmas. I decided to carry on at the gym as much as I could in the hope that he would get fed up of me going and I was doing 3 Body pump classes a week.

Luckily he was only 6 days late and was born 10am on 22nd December 2015.


When you have a baby it’s a shock to the system and take months to feel like your old self again but I was keen to get back to exercising as quick as possible to help get my old body back.


After my 6 week check I had the all clear so I started very gently with Pilates and getting back in to my normal gym routine and classes slowly.

Remember it takes 9 months for your body to prepare its self for having a baby so it’s going to take at least that long for it to recover, don’t beat yourself up if it take a long time to get back to how you looked before. I’m still not 100% happy but I eat well and exercise regularly so I know it will come back eventually.



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