Christening Present Ideas 

We went to a lovely christening today and managed to get some great personalised gifts from My 1st Years and Lost my Name. 

They offer a lovely gift box and bag which is perfect for gifts. 🎁 

This is a lovely personalised photo album for all the pictures of the big day. Something for the parents to keep. 

This isn’t necessarily a christening present but because I know baby Alexa has just started swimming and thought it would be a perfect and practical present. 

I think it’s really important to have some keep sakes for your little one so I wanted to include a personalised name book. This is also a practical present because this is something she can enjoy when she’s old enough to read it. 

Wanted to just include some pictures from the big day. 

I didn’t mean to get Riley the same colour shirt as his dad but I thought they may as well match. 

Happy Christening Day baby Alexa x 👼🏻


1st hair cut

So Riley takes after me with the thick curly hair and after Christmas we thought we should probably get it cut in case people thought he was a girl. 

In Tunbridge Wells there is the perfect place! Wipper Snippers! 

It’s such a great experience for the little ones. They cut hair from babies to teens. 

They also offer “My First Cut” which include a certificate, a photo and a lock of hair in a keepsake box. 

First blog post

So as this cold weather is still with us I thought we needed to get Riley some more winter accessories for all our dog walks and his trips out with the childminder.

I popped in to Joules and just couldn’t resist the Chum Character hat and gloves in the sale.